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First chicks

We received fertilized eggs from neighbour Glenn (who lives far enough out of town to have a rooster) when Lizzy (our Sussex hen) became broody. This is the second time we’ve tried, but this time we followed the-chicken-chick.com website for advice and although we started with 8 eggs, after candling them and throwing away 5, we were left with 3 eggs that hatched. They emerged the day after a violent hail storm, on the 29th of December, so we’ve called them Storm, Hail and because s/he likes to cuddle up, Angle.

In the brooder

Storm, Hail and Angle in the brooder

1stChicksLizzyNov2014 (4)

Outside for the first time

A week later, there were growing winglets.

One month on...

One month on…

A month later, the chicks have wings and are getting up to all sorts of mischief. Lizzy has proven herself to be an excellent mother.

2 comments on “First chicks

  1. lillian geddes
    December 2, 2014

    When were they born? We discussed this on Tue am and I said “2 days to go”. Would be interested to know. 🙂

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