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Big Australia Plebiscite

Australia is at a crucial juncture. The pandemic resulted in two years of very slight population growth (due to births). Not since 1916 during WWI has anything like this occurred. … Continue reading

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Celebrate Federation after New Year’s Eve!

Why observe Federation Day? The objection is sometimes made that New Year’s Day is “already a holiday”. However, people celebrate on New Year’s Eve, not the first. I’m throwing a … Continue reading

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Time’s 2021 Person of the Year Elon Musk is SO wrong

Elon’s under-population fears are based on his addiction to building. Elon Musk, dad of 6 and Time’s 2021 Person of the Year, told the audience at a Wall Street Journal … Continue reading

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December Population News

Big Australia Plebiscite Latest News First Deported backpackers say there is not enough farm work The Guardian, 18 December 2021 [visas; labour shortages] Backpackers who are being deported from Australia … Continue reading

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Less is more – chicken coop door!

Instead of buying and installing an automatic door, I rigged up a cord to the living room window upstairs. Simple and easily maintained. This saves me having to go downstairs … Continue reading

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How to avoid war with China

Under Investigation’s reporter Liz Hayes has put together a war table of experts to forecast how we participate and ultimately survive if a war comes to fruition between China and … Continue reading

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A new Australian flag we can all live with for another 100 years

Is our current flag really due for change? The arguments for and against are laid out well by the Flag Society of Australia, so I’d needn’t repeat them here. I … Continue reading

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Town Planning & Population Growth

Presentation by Sustainable Population Australia Queensland branch President Edward Smith at Coopers Plains Library, August, 2021. Provided for the residents of Nathan, Salisbury, Moorooka and surrounding suburbs who are dealing … Continue reading

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Towards the Walden Wage

“Access to land liberates people from market growth and facilitates ways of living consistent with degrowth. We can restructure access to housing and work in order to live sustainably.” This … Continue reading

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Nathan, Salisbury & Moorooka Neighborhood Plan

Local government plans guide the development and alterations to our city. Residents are invited to contribute to Plans in the form of submissions, surveys and focus groups. 2021: Summary of … Continue reading

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