Local sustainability

Rurban Eco House

FOR SALE: A rare opportunity to buy (or buy into) a sustainably designed family home with options for income and expansion. Live off-grid just 10 klms from the CBD. See HERE for more information.

Equanimity is a small-scale pilot project in eco-share housing in the southern suburbs of Brisbane, Australia. I am also involved with the Maleny Eco Village project through Eco Villages Australia.

Video Presentation on living and working together given to Redlands Organic Growers Incorporated in July 2017

Open-sourcing my own home is a fantastic adventure.


I make available extensive information about the design and systems of this urban cohabitation project as my contribution to improving the condition of all species and progressing the evolution of humanity. I invite you to peruse and use any of these resources, with due acknowledgement to me or Equanimity. I’d love to hear what you have found useful and how it has helped you by commenting or privately through the Contact Page.