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The Fourth Great Humiliation of Humanity is Upon Us.

If we don’t pull our heads in, we’re doomed. If we do, the future is bright. WHEN I WAS TEACHING in Japan 20 years ago, one of my students introduced … Continue reading

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The Fixed Calendar – improved

My Fixed Calendar conversion table shows the corresponding end dates of Gregorian months. This is another improvement to my earlier versions. In the Fixed Calendar, all months end on Saturday … Continue reading

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8 Billion Day – a response to The Conversation

“You are now one of 8 billion humans alive today. Let’s talk overpopulation – and why low income countries aren’t the issue.” Every country is the issue. We’re all in … Continue reading

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2022’s Imperative: Letting Go of Our Past to Birth Our Future.

By David Korten, Yes! Magazine Our current society cannot be considered civilized by any objective standard. We grow the fortunes of billionaires, even as we increase the numbers of homeless … Continue reading

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Survival of the Richest: Escape Fantasies of the Tech Billionaires

It doesn’t have to be this way and you can make little choices that help. Douglas Rushkoff’s new book is a real life version of the Netflix movie Don’t Look … Continue reading

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A Correction of Australian Hyperbole

Civilization. It is common to refer to the Aboriginal presence on the Australian continent as the ‘oldest civilization’ on Earth. This is well-meaning, but an unnecessary exaggeration. The word ‘civilization’ … Continue reading

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The Immigration Debate by the Numbers – Quadrant Online

11th August 2022 By Phil Shannon This article by Phil Shannon is, I thought, worth reproducing here in full. It is sobering to know there is nothing new in it, … Continue reading

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What the Top 2022 Federal Election Issues Tell Us

Five days to Election Day, the top issues reveal something about the state of the nation. Polls and Surveys A cross-section of media polling and surveys paint a picture of … Continue reading

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A Viable Rival Currency

People often say of complimentary community currencies like LETS (Local Exchange Trading System) “I don’t know why it hasn’t taken off – it’s such a good idea!” In this opinion … Continue reading

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Dangerous Lewis Hill Give Way Intersections

The case for improved traffic controls. Annecdotal [sic] evidence from residents in the Lewis Hill grid area (above) and observations of incidents at certain intersections suggest that there is a … Continue reading

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The Reproduction Crisis and Humanity’s Future

Jordan Harbinger’s latest podcast poses a paradox for population concerns Jordan Harbinger’s latest podcast 658: Shanna Swan | The Reproduction Crisis and Humanity’s Future (the first 15 mins) clearly demonstrates … Continue reading

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