Holistic local sustainability; food, water, energy, money, people


Since before its creation in January 2011, many people have contributed to making Equanimity the home it is  today. Although it has primarily been my inspiration and persistence to live in a way that contributes to a sustainable future, there have been many people who have influenced and helped both directly and indirectly.

Indirectly, I should thank those who have created so much alternative information on the Internet, notably, The Zeitgeist Movement.

Directly, I owe much to my mother, Nona, and grandfather, Arthur, who helped me in practical ways early in life and thereafter. Although they and society in general put me on the road to economic opportunism, which accounts for some of my capital, I worked hard – primarily as a language educator – and saved frugally. By my mid 30s I’d turned a corner that prevented me from getting on the property-hoarding  bandwagon and debt cycle. I especially appreciate the collaboration Saiful Ahmad provided during the construction of the current residence in Coopers Plains. The designers (Garth Chapman Traditional Queenslanders) and builder (Andrew Black of Designer Homes) were  good to work with, too. Dylan and Chris built the bungalow; builders my brother, Terence, introduced me to. He also helped dig trenches and lay drainage pipes as well as prepare the garden paths and the foundations of the bungalow. In the garden, my Zeitgeist and various friends helped a great deal (Mick Weidermann, Eris, Matt Scott, Patrick Palmer, Sonia, Jay, Alex Sipka and Trevor Cohen) as well as others such as Lillian Geddes, Susan Jewell, Masaya Oda, Roman Spur, ‘Green’ Dean, Bernie who lent his truck several times, David and Neil of Tarragini, Ximena, Rosa Schefiei, Zoe Yarker. Thanks too to the Woofers and Helpxers who have come and gone.

I owe thanks to Stan of sizzlingsolarovens for his help in constructing the solar oven.

I owe thanks to Sebastian Petrik of Ecotera for his help constructing an aerobic compost bin.

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