Holistic local sustainability; food, water, energy, money, people


All produce is lovingly nurtured by hand (mostly) organically using permaculture principles.  Click HERE to see a list of food and plants and feel free to inquire about what is currently available.

Being a small-scale operation, some labour goes into production, by those living or visiting here. However, permaculture is about tweaking nature and minimizing labour. There’s nothing wrong with some automation and use of technology to minimize drudgery. Systems help to maximise efficiency and minimise work; Every attempt is made to recycle and retain materials on the block, minimize water loss, waste to land fill and introduction of materials and the use of $s. There is irrigation to every part of the garden, wicker beds to minimize the need for watering and simple rules such as keeping things together and putting things back in their place to minimize work.

From 2014, the garden began to produce many more fruit and vegetables.

After the 2011 floods, there were hundreds of macadamia nuts on the huge tree.

Custard Apple May 2014
Custard Apple May 2014

Disclaimer: While every attempt is made to ensure the quality, hygiene and purity of the  produce, the receiver ultimately must accept them at their own risk.

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