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Neighbourhood Day 2018


10am – 1pm

Drop in and say hello,
some neighbours you might not know,
Ask the kids to come along,

 There’ll be music and a sing-a-long,
The barby will be hot,
Ready to hit the spot,
Tell us what you grow,
Or back yard skills you’d have us know.

Screenshot from 2018-03-02 14:27:19
– a plate or something to throw on the barby
– a drink and a smile
– a fellow neighbour or friend
– a cd/usb of music or an instrument
– ideas to make the street better (sharing tools? revive neighbourhood watch?)
– a sentence on ‘what I do in my back yard’
– a list of things you may want to give away, sell or swap (see mine at equanimity.blog/produce/) 
– a game, a joke, a poem; come and cavort “in flagrant delicto, alfresco” and if you want to k
now who said that, about who and what it means, bring your ears! Also, there’ll be a Coopers Plains Trivial Quiz, created with the help of local hero Beryl Roberts.

Neighbour-Day-Invitation Kids Soccar-page

There’ll be information about:

Artabana – an alternative to private health insurance from Germany where neighbours pool savings for health expenses

LETS – a cashless trading platform for goods and services

If you get bored with the crowd in Nyleta Street, you can go to Beryl Roberts Park and join a Neighbourhood Day Community Picnic that Karen Shapcott from the St Davids Community Centre is putting on at the same time:

St David ND Community Picnic

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