Equanimity Foundation

Local sustainability


I share a determination with other like-minded individuals and organisations to bring about a glocal (globally-conscious local living) coexistence that benefits everyone and, naturally, involves responsible stewardship of our environment. I believe my household also serves to demonstrate how a high quality of life can be achieved with minimal cash flow.


Simon Cole

I am inspired by the ultimate goals of the Free World Charter and The Zeitgeist Movement’s train of thought. However, much work is to be done before those lofty goals may come to fruition. For example, Australia, like all regions of the world, needs to become as self-sufficient as possible before its overseas resource requirements can be accurately and efficiently estimated. To these ends, I support the utilization of technology to free humanity from drudgery, and to ‘get off grid’, within reason by supporting a distributed economy and energy system. That means removing support from the monetary system (as opposed to ‘saving money’) and the detrimental food and energy industry so that support can be directed to positive systems.

It is a small-scale experiment and pilot study in cohousing, which is testing micro-economic methods for harmonious, fair, transparent cohabitation. It has been both an invigorating and challenging experience for me to be lessor (landlord), housemate and employer.

I formed Equanimity Foundation in January, 2011, but is not and has not been financially active. It is a contingency for future charitable and philanthropic work. To date has only one Principal Participant and is set aside due to the cost of transfering titles. Were it active, it would be a self-assessing income tax-exempt community service organisation for tax purposes.

To donate or bequeath estate to Equanimity Foundation (not tax-deductible), send a message via the Contact page. Only those who have a debt-free roof over their heads, please! A summary of the Articles of Association is available on request.

The Building

Six months of planning and 6 months of building was followed by 2-3 years of construction and development of the garden and rainwater harvesting systems, including a bungalow. The living space is a standard narrow-block design home by Garth Chapman Traditional Queenslanders, their draughtsman Kevin Hincksman and builders Designer Homes Qld P/L by Andrew Black. The space has an 8 star sustainability rating under the Qld Development Code MP4.1 due to the following features:

Insulation to all walls and ceilingsEF30Aug2015


Surfmist (light, reflective colour) Colourbond roofing

3.1 kW PV system

450 Litre solar hot water system

30.5K litres of rainwater harvesting to all internal taps (except one inside and one outside for fire safety)

Energy efficient lighting (LEDs and Energy saver fluorescents)

Passive design – rear deck facing north

Awnings over windows

Cross ventilation

A 7.1 kW split level reverse-cycle air conditioner


7 comments on “About

  1. Lillian Geddes
    March 21, 2013

    Hello – look forward to contact however intermittent.

  2. Satya
    April 2, 2015

    Hi Lillian – love to connect up again – Satya

  3. terence COLE
    July 17, 2015

    Hi Simon. You have a typo here and on your acknowledgements page

  4. T C
    July 25, 2015

    You can’t just make up words, ie “glocal”, and think the world will accommodate you bro. It is an oxymoron I would think you are aware. Sorry if you think I am hacking here, just want to help 😛

    • Equanimity Foundation
      July 28, 2015

      Thanks for the comment. It’s not a well-know word, but one that is used by back-to-basics advocates of global sustainability. I’ve added an explanation.

  5. T C
    July 29, 2015

    It is not in the online dictionary, so therefore it is not a word. The back to basics advocates are a diverse group of people amongst whom are some theists that might question “responsible stewardship of our environmet”.

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