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Rurban eCohousing Brisbane


This page hosts the musings of a dream to create an ecological cohousing site in Brisbane.

  • 1st June 2015. A discussion with friends leads me to believe that there may be a common thread among people in my social circle to come together around the making of an urban ecoblock like Christie Walk in Adelaide. They include some baby boomers with disposable income, progressive outlooks, an interest in social living arrangements, and a desire to make a difference where it matters and retain access to city facilities. Another a set of younger friends are connected to the Zeitgeist Movement and have the same interests, but fewer assets (& hence greater dependence on income-generating employment). They also want to form a city community based on science and sustainability. These people are culturally, racially and sexually diverse.
  • 3rd July, 2017. I upload a page about the geographical features and facilities of Nyleta Street. This comes from a growing awareness of what’s already here. I also uploaded a post about adjoining properties and ask a neighbour to make up a spreadsheet plan that a small group can use to see what it would take for them to buy and live or rent in one of them. The plan allows them to alter variables such as purchase price, subdivision, rental expenses (if any), interest payments (if any) and number of participants.
  • 15th July,  2017. I discover The Henry Project and some very similar urban co-housing projects, both long-established (Pinakarri Cohousing Community) and conceptual. These definitely require some reading time! Thanks to Lesley Gillet of Narara EcoVillage, for passing on the info!
  • 6th August, 2017. Now I waver between just finding a community and starting one. There are many communities along the east coast of Australia to consider (see a list here). Starting a community or co-housing project is a huge undertaking. I may spearhead a drive in Brisbane and see what comes of it.
  • 26th of August, 2017. Spend about 3 hours from 3am looking at properties in Mullumbimby – a small town in NSW with a number of 1 hectare acre blocks close to town with potential. I think registered an Expression of Interest to engage others in a project. The Henry Project offers services to ensure the feasibility of a proposal.

4 comments on “Rurban eCohousing Brisbane

  1. Cathy Retter
    June 5, 2015

    Sounds very considered Simon. I wish you every success. Happy to discuss any aspect of what we are doing here in FNQ

  2. Angela Mulgrew
    August 10, 2017

    Hello Simon
    I’ve read this post. There are groups up here in Maleny investigating housing alternatives. CHASM Compassionate Housing Affordability Solutions Maleny on Facebook (Julia Peddie 0405 331 584) and another new-ish group looking into a co-op option. See the post on my Facebook page from their talks at the Hinterland market at Woombye last Saturday.
    Cheers Angie

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