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Prices and Produce

Certain items are only available when they are in abundance. Please use the CONTACT Page to send inquiries.

Check this invoice for prices – produce is weighed in grams. Some are priced by number of items.

For example, 100gms of freshly cut Aloe Vera = $2 or U2 (BrisLETS Units)

I’ll use this spreadsheet to price and total the amount due.

You can request a copy of the spreadsheet to decide how much you want and how much to spend. Please send a message through the CONTACT page.

Delivery/postage = extra dollars or pick up from Coopers Plains.
Prices have been set by checking online supermarket prices and striking an average so as to minimize changes over time. Organic food prices are normally higher. See also http://www.ripenear.me for available produce, although it’s not always up to date.


Amaranth seeds are great as porridge, high in protein

Chillies (various kinds): red and green, large, not too hot $/U1.5 per 100 gm, frozen $/U1 per 100 gm , dried $/U2 per 100gm

Mulberries, fresh $5/U per 100gm

Herbs priced as light-weight, smallish, leafy greens: Basil, Bay leaves, Fennel, Garlic chives, Mint, Nasturtiums, Oregano, Parsley, Rosemary, Tarragon, Tumeric leaves, Thyme, Kaffir Lime leaves.

Leafy greens include; Lettuce, Mibuna, Spinach (various kinds), Tatsoi, Silverbeet, Pak choi, Choi Sum

Lemongrass Tea (very soothing to mouth ulcers, also good for hair & scalp). Stems (for cooking).

Pidgeon peas also available (make great dahl and hummus), Carob (100gm = 4 beans)

Succulents such as Ghost Plant are same price as Aloe Vera

Tumeric powder, as dried chips or as rhizomes (bulbs)  $/U1.5 per 25 gm, $/U1 per 60 gm rhizome


Various saplings and established plants of the above produce are available from time to time. Examples:

Banana Lady Finger suckers $/U5 each

Dragonfruit cutting $/U5 each

Garlic chives plants with roots – will keep producing (approx 4 shoots) $/U2

Guava (pink) potted ungrafted saplings, $/U6 each

Macadamia nut tree saplings in the pot $/U6 each

Lemongrass stem with roots $/U1 each

Pawpaw saplings $/U3 each

Other Produce

Chicken manure $/U2 per bag

Colloidal Silver made with a Silver Well & Pureau pure water

Kombucha scoby in jar tea, Kombucha tea  8/ Scoby, 5/ litre (provide your own seal-able bottle)

Loofahs as dried sponge for kitchens and bathrooms

NIGHTSHADES are very common food sources that have toxins to repel animals. These include; Chillies, Eggplants, Tomatoes

SUCCULENTS      Fresh, frozen, cuttings or plants with roots             2/ 100 gm fresh/frozen, 2/plant

Please note that some prices may change as the quantities are estimates and may not have been weighed and sold before. Accuracy is not a preoccupation and price is only shown here for circumstances when it is relevant.

Other offers and wants on CES account # BLCE4104.
Kaffir lime leaves & turnip Oct 2014
Jan 2013 flooding
Jan 2013 flooding

5 comments on “FOOD & PLANTS

  1. Nona
    June 4, 2013

    What an interesting and fabulous garden

  2. Pingback: Lettuce available! | Equanimity Foundation

  3. zbsarian
    April 4, 2020

    Great! The market spurs production.

  4. Ricardo Mahshi
    April 23, 2020

    What plants do you have?

    • Equanimity Foundation
      April 23, 2020

      Tamarind, coffee (arabica), lemon grass. Later on; sweet basil, custard apple, avocado.

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