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*Asterisked items are available on an on-going basis. See also http://www.ripenear.me for available produce.

Last updated 28th August, 2016

Item                                                                Notes                                                                              Value

*Aloe Vera                            Fresh, frozen, cuttings or plants with roots             2/ 100 gm fresh/frozen, 2/plant

Amaranth                              Raw seeds                                                         1/ 10 gm

Asparagus                             Fresh spears                                                      1.2/ 100 gm

Bamboo                               Cutting                                                               3/ each

Banana Flower                    Fresh                                                                   3/ kg

Bay leaves                           Dried                                                                   1/ 15 gm

Beans (Carob, 7 yr, etc.) & Peas   Fresh                                                            1.5/ 100 gm

Chicken, Chooky poo             Fresh/frozen, Bagged                                          6/kg,  1/ kg

Chillies (various kinds)         Red and green, large, not too hot                         1.5/100 gm, 1/100 gm frozen, 2/100gm dried

*Colloidal Silver                  Made with a Silver Well & Pureau pure water       15/ 200 ml

Dragonfruit                          Cutting or potted plant                                    5/ cutting, 10/ pot

Eggs                                   Fresh, free range                                             0.5 each

Eggplants                           Fresh, frozen pulp                                             4/ kg, 8/ kg

Fennel                                 Fresh                                                               1 each


(Bananas, Mango, Pineapple, Pawpaw)            Fresh                                      3/ kg

(Avocados, Custard apple, Guava, Lemons, Pomegranates, Dragon fruit)        1/ 100gm

(Dried Fruit & Fresh Cumquots, Figs)                                                         15/ kg

Galangal, ginger, garlic, Chinese keys          Fresh/Frozen. Plants                   1/ 50gm

Garlic chives                      Plants with roots will keep producing                 3/ plant (approx 4 shoots)

Guava                                Jam, Potted ungrafted saplings                              4/ 100 gm, 6

Herbs                                See Leafy Greens                                                1/ 100 gm

*Kaffir Lime leaves              Fresh or frozen                                                2/ 10g

*Kombucha                         Scoby in jar tea, Kombucha tea                 8/ Scoby, 5/ litre (provide your own seal-able bottle)

Kumquots                            Fresh                                                                   15/ kg


(Basil, Bergamot, Fennel, Garlic chives, Lettuce, Mibuna, Mint, Nasturtiums,*Oregano, Parsley, *Rosemary, Spinach, Tarragon, Tatsoi, Tumeric leaves, *Thyme)                                    1/ 100gm.  Dried leaves, 1/ 10gm, or 2/ plant

Heavy leafy greens.          Fresh. Broccoli, Silverbeet, Pak choi, Choi Sum     5/ kg

Lemongrass Tea                 Very soothing, also good for hair & scalp           2/ 25 gm

Lemongrass stems              Thai, suitable for cooking                                 0.5/ stem, 1/ stem with roots

Loofahs                             Dried sponge or fresh juvenile to eat                  2 each (med size – 16 x 7 cm), 5/ kg

*Macadamia nut trees           Saplings in the pot                                             6/ plant

Mulberries                           Fresh                                                              5/ 100gm

Nuts (macadamia, pecan)       Fresh kernels                                                  4/ 100 gm

Pawpaw                               Saplings                                                              3/ plant

Pumpkin                              Fresh                                                                3/ kg

Roots (Arrowroot, sweet potato, yam, taro)                                Fresh                    4/ kg

Salt                                        Ground or granules                                           1/ 10gm

Tamarind                             Frozen peeled beans, paste                               1/ 100 gm, 1.5/ 100 gm

Tomatoes                             Fresh                                                                   1/ 100gm

*Tumeric                             Powdered, as dried chips or as rhizomes (bulb)    1.5/ 25 gm, 1/ 60 gm rhizome

Water, rain                          Filtered, unfiltered                                             .50/ litre, .25/ litre

Value (a rough estimate of cost of production) = BrisLETS Units or $s.  (For example 2/ 5 gm means $2 per 5 grams.) All produce is for barter to known locals by preference. Please check our wants on CES BLCE1533 of BLCE4104 and/or StreetBank or Ripenear.me (you need to register for them) or send an email and ask me.  Please note that some values may be subject to change as the quantities are estimates and may not have been weighed and sold before. Accuracy is not a preoccupation and Value is only shown here for those traders and circumstances for whom it is a concern.

Delivery postage = extra dollars or pick up from Coopers Plains.


Kaffir lime leaves & turnip Oct 2014

Jan 2013 flooding

Jan 2013 flooding


2 comments on “FOOD & PLANTS

  1. Nona
    June 4, 2013

    What an interesting and fabulous garden

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