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Southern Brisbane Suburban Forum

About SBSF

The Southern Brisbane Suburban Forum is a local volunteer organization that has been formed to give a democratic voice to the local community. The forum creates the opportunity for a collective discussion and narrative for local stakeholders to drive to desired changes to their suburbs.

Geographically, our suburbs have a critical role in Brisbane City’s future and has diverse assets to be enhanced and nurtured with sub-city regional strategic planning – driven by community, with others such as governments, business and other organisations. The Forum sees the coming together of people from diverse business and community interests to show a cooperative way to create and inform change in partnership with different decision makers.

Some campaigns I’ve been involved in

Neighbourhood Plans

Brisbane City Council Neighbourhood Plans involve developers and members of the community in a process that affects our future. SBSF tries to help local residents and businesses get their voice heard.

Inland Rail

This nation-building project connecting Melbourne to SEQld with a freight rail system could significantly impact the Brisbane Urban Corridor

Brisbane Urban Corridor

Fixing the Coopers Plains level crossing is just one of multiple transport issues in our region.

2020 Coopers Plains Level Crossing

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