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Sustainable House Open Day Sunday 11 September

Sustainable House Day 2015 Logos Master
Great news! Our sustainable, green home has been accepted to open for Sustainable House Day.
This national event is a great resource for the general public to inspect first hand houses and gardens that have been designed, built or renovated with sustainability in mind.
Some 170 green homeowners Australia wide will open their homes to share peer to peer advice on what worked and what didn’t in the creation of their own sustainable homes.
You can view our green home directly here: sustainablehouseday.com/house- profile-view/?house_id=15548
We committed to this national sustainability event through a desire to promote the options available for people to create their own sustainable home and lifestyle.
Our particular home features three unique characteristics:
1/ 30,000 litres of rainwater harvesting – almost self sufficient!
2/ This double block deliberately goes against the city-wide trend of subdividing – come and find out why this is a form of future-proofing.
3/ As a mini-community, it demonstrates an alternative to traditional family household living.
You can visit our home for a tour between the hours of 10am to 3pm on Sunday 11, September 2016.
Simon was on ABC Radio Brisbane 612 on Saturday 10th with Rebecca Levingston’s Weekend show after the 9 am news.
ABC 612 Brisbane Interview Screenshot from 2016-09-10 21:36:06_1
Promotion in the Southern Star – thank you Paul Eyers.



Listen to Simon on 4ZZZ’z EcoRad discussing Sustainable House Day on 10/08

2 comments on “Sustainable House Open Day Sunday 11 September

  1. Judith Helen Shaw
    August 17, 2016

    Simon, congratulations. I did listen to the radio program . . . you were not the only one umming and ahing, but your content was good anyway.

    Best wishes from Helen


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