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Dutch House Community Gardens

On Wednesday 25th of August, 2022, the Dutch House was demolished.

Community Garden

December, 2021. The Community Garden on Troughton Road, Sunnybank sat alongside an old ‘Dutch House’ Queensland Housing Commission home. Both have a story to tell. They adjoin a corner block on Boundary Road and form the frontispiece to a precinct of social housing spanning 60 years, now a private development known as Cornerstone Living. The frontispiece is known as The Corner.

‘Dutch’ Houses in Coopers Plains

Troughton Road, Sunnybank

Community ‘Dutch’ House

Outhouse under poinciana tree

History of the ‘Dutch’ Houses

The Corner

The Corner forms the frontispiece of a private development known as Cornerstone Living.

Story of The Corner

Cornerstone Living development – a short history

This piece continues on from where the History of the ‘Dutch Houses’ of Coopers Plains left off.

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