Holistic local sustainability; food, water, energy, money, people

BrisLETS Community Exchange

BrisLETS handbook page1 Sign v1

I worked for BrisLETS for nearly 3 years as President. It was a great learning experience, putting my community administration qualifications (Associate Diploma in Aboriginal Community Administration, 1988) into practice and developing the civic skills for community building. I am particularly motivated to lend my support to mutual credit systems. Lasting achievements include:

  • An improved website
  • An improved management structure
  • A permanent home for trading days
  • A system for hub meetings to localize trading
  • Celebration of 30 years of BrisLETS
  • See 2018: a year in review for more details

A members map on CES

An area logo representing the 4 divisions in Brisbane bordered by landmarks

A badge to advertise the currency on other platforms such as Gumtree and FB Marketplace

A new logo

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