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Neighbourhood Plans

Local government plans guide the development and alterations to our city.

Residents are invited to contribute to Plans in the form of submissions, surveys and focus groups.

Like me, you can take an active interest in change. As a resident, you know your neighbourhood better than people higher up the chain in government and industry. How can your suburb be improved? For me, this usually involves pushing back on developers’ addiction to growth and suggesting genuinely better ways of living – ways that are more efficient, humane and sustainable in the long-term.

One message I share is that in Australia, town planning is impinged upon by a federal population policy of rapid growth.

Plans I have contributed to

Nathan, Salisbury & Moorooka Neighborhood Plan

2021: Summary of my submission to the draft strategy:

Additional Theme: Definitions, Drivers & Stakeholders

Theme 1: Places for everyone

Tower block complexes over stations in place of dispersed upzoning will solve many issues of concern, especially character retention. The quantity and variety of places is sufficient as is. People aren’t calling for more people.

Theme 2: Local Industries and employment

Neighborhood and Industrial Plans to be better coordinated by ward reps. ‘Clean’ needs a definition. Industrial zones to be co-reliant precincts. Heavy industry relocated further south. Light industrial/commercial/residential zones to reboot manufacturing.

Theme 3: A Grid of Green & Blue

Extend active transport as promised. Protect nature reserves from conversion into recreational, lifestyle (cycle & exercise paths) areas. Connect
Toohey Forest with green waterway corridors to Oxley Creek. More parks and community facilities
to prevent crime and social breakdown.

Theme 4: Connecting Places and Spaces

Tower complexes enclosing train stations for cover and noise reduction; incorporate Ipswich Rd and
Lillian Ave flyovers. Determine demand projections for transport infrastructure. Inland Rail impact uncertain – needs contingency planning for heavy freight, e.g. tunnels. Toohey Road tunnel under forest. Relocate heavy industry to Acacia Ridge.

Please Contact me to request a copy of my submission

Next Plan

Next Plan

Please Contact me to request a copy of my submission

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