Holistic local sustainability; food, water, energy, money, people


I provide a consultancy service for organisations, communities and individuals seeking assistance and advice on a range of issues pertaining to sustainable living. I am also available as a speaker for your group’s event.

  • Community economies and building social capital

Is your community or household disfunctional and uncooperative? Is there waste due to lack of caring and attention to detail? Are members harbouring resentments that hold the community’s economy back?

  • Passive Design

Are you renovating or remodelling a residential home or property? Do you need some basic advice about energy efficient design, aspect and materials?

My experience can set you on the right track and give you a number of useful leads.

Sometimes the issues are very basic and important at the initial design concept stage, whether building from scratch or altering a building. Most houses in Brisbane are built to minimize costs and without awareness of the benefits of passive design, even though it costs little or no more to incorporate it and will save money on power bills in the future, not to mention protect the environment. Old buildings are often admired for their appearance and endurance, as well as their heritage value. However, they too are mostly designed to impress the street-front and are often quite uncomfortable unless considerable energy is expended.

Sometimes existing structures can be adapted to take advantage of their location to minimize internal heat in summer, and maximise natural heating and light in winter. This is the basics of passive design. Much can be done by the residents to further the efficiency and comfort of their home by adopting certain habits, such as controlling windows, doors and blinds and locating furniture appropriately. In addition, water flows around the structure can be managed to aid the self-sufficiency of the property.

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