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The opportunity to join an Eco sharehouse doesn’t come around very often. Now may be your chance, so start looking around this website and then inquire if it aligns with your aspirations for a better future for the community.

CentreBedroomThis is a place for someone who wants to join the Eco Villages Australia model. Take a good look at their Vision and Values, as this household plans to come under their umbrella. There are opportunities to stay short or long term under the rental model and you can invest to support its development.

Become part of a household that shares a common interest in caring for things, people and the environment. Food-growing, enterprise, efficiency, sufficiency and waste-avoidance are achievable here. Our demographic is diverse; queer friendly and inter-generational. Aesthetics, systems and friendliness matter. Inquiries are welcome from people who have the time and energy grow food, maintain and manage the facilities and participate in the social life of the household.

We’re in a modern reproduction Queenslander home with an 8-star sustainability rating on an 800m2 block in a quiet suburb. Although the buildings are established, there is scope for alteration and expansion. There are 5 bedrooms, 2 kitchens and laundries and 3 bathrooms. Storage is limited – we’re all for voluntary simplicity. Outside there are furnished decks, a bungalow of garden equipment and storage and best of all, a large permaculture garden that is well established. The garden can provide a good supply of fruit, veges, herbs, nuts, eggs and more. All utilities & Internet are included and no bond. Rooms can be rented individually for between $160 – $170 and CES/LETS Units can be accepted as part payment. Alternatively, the entire flat downstairs can be rented or just a bedsit of two rooms and bathroom.

For more information, please see the Visitors page and the post on using LETS at home. We’re on bus routes 120,199, 123, 125, 135, 155 & 598/599. Walking distance to local shops and QEII hospital, between Griffith University Nathan campus and Coopers Plains station. If we haven’t met yet, send a profile to Simon through the contact page.

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  1. Kim Cosmos
    September 16, 2016

    aw crap that was last year

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