Local sustainability

Open-sourcing my own home has been a fantastic adventure

I make available extensive information about the design and systems of this urban cohabitation project as my contribution to improving the condition of all species and progressing the evolution of humanity. I invite you to peruse and use any of these resources, with due acknowledgement to me or Equanimity. I'd love to hear what you have found useful and how it has helped you by commenting or privately through the Contact Page.

For nearly 10 years I had the above image and text posted on my homepage. The adventure has come to a soft close. I have learned a lot about co-living sustainably with – mostly – people I didn’t know before they arrived. The challenges have been considerable in this middle-class, culturally diverse suburb of metropolitan Australia where share-housing is not uncommon, but often done for economic reasons and rarely with much attention to intention or sustainability. The relationship dynamic of lessor/owner co-living with lessee/tenant, mixed with employment and food-growing opportunities and ethics around sustainability has been as much a success as a failure. I’ve made many enduring friendships, and a few enemies. As a behavioural scientist, it has been an interesting experiment and I’m grateful to all my human guinea pigs. Certainly I’ve learned that it’s a lot of work providing up to 4 rooming leases. The internal configuration of rooms in the house does not lend itself to equitable relationships – 4 ensuited bed-sitting rooms upstairs and one set of larger shared facilities downstairs (kitchen, laundry, lounge, etc.) would work better. Such an arrangement might be co-owned as Tenants in Common on title. That would give each cohabitant an equal say, but such a small group would need to be very compatible; good friends. A large reserve of funds to allow any one member to depart (sell out) at short notice would help avoid or resolve conflict. Now, for the time being, I will live alone upstairs (with a guest room) and rent the ground floor out as the unit it was designed as.

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