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2023 Overseas Travel Blog

(#0) Introduction…

Click to watch the video
Click to watch the video of Trans-Australia Airline – from 1972 (probably how I flew to Baghdad in 1963). Flying always reminds me of this fun jingle based on ‘My Beautiful Balloon’.

I’ve decided to go exploring overseas for a month in June. It’s a big decision for several reasons; it’s expensive (environmentally and financially), I’ve done a lot of travel in my life and there’s truly no place like home for me. But it’s good to shake things up a bit sometimes and there are two interesting and welcoming destinations beaconing – Java and Poland. To make the trip meaningful and worthwhile, I’m going to maintain a blog of what I find that I hope be will interesting, educational and enjoyable for you.

Actually, I don’t like the logistics and mechanics of travel. All the organizing online, scheduling, packing, disruption, blah, blah. It’s time I could spend doing better things. But winter downunder means the garden will sleep (more or less). I’ve withdrawn $10k from my superannuation savings to do it – so it’s a testament to ‘you only live once’.

Stay tuned for the next entry…

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One comment on “2023 Overseas Travel Blog

  1. Judith Helen Shaw
    April 6, 2023

    Enjoy it all Simon

    Liked by 1 person

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