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English Editing and Reviewing – high school reports to PhD theses

Correct your University or High school assignments

  • Proof-reading/copy editing academic theses/reports/assignments or essays; correct grammar/vocabulary
  • Reviewing for organisational integrity; correct planning/drafts, order and importance of points
  • Reviewing for logic and research integrity; correct assumptions, research and citations

Do you need help to get that essay, assignment, or Masters/PhD thesis into the top 90% pass mark! If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Poor grammar, vocabulary and sentence construction can cost you your degree. So can poorly written theses with arguments that are confused.

I understand how your dissertation could change your final grade. I will help you submit an outstanding paper and impress your supervisor. Count on me to correct your mistakes with guidance at an affordable cost.

To get an accurate quote for your job, contact me for a free consultation. Be prepared to provide the following information:

– Subject/Topic
– # of words
– Type of paper (essay [discussion, argument], research assignment, thesis, disseration)
– Style manual (Harvard, APA) if applicable
– Time frame (date required)
– Nature of help required as above (1. Proof-reading, 2. Reviewing organisational integrity, 3. Reviewing logic and research integrity).

Rates are $60/hour (1st hour $70); approx 1,000 words/hour. Note that each area of expertise is provided separately.

These rates may vary depending on the subject matter and research involved.

The work must be yours. Beware of services offering to write your assignment for you; your university will find out, and you’ll be penalized. With my service, you can count on honesty and integrity and thorough help fine-tuning your writing to make it a success.

Get in touch for a free professional consultation via the Contact Page.

Simon Cole

Master Science (TESOL), Aston University, U.K.
Bachelor Behavioural Science, La Trobe University, Victoria
Royal Society of Arts Certificate, Melbourne, Victoria
Graduate Diploma of Ed (TESOL), U.N.E., N.S.W..


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