Holistic local sustainability; food, water, energy, money, people

Alternative Technology Association

ATA Tours Equanimity Foundation.


Equanimity Foundation takes a new domain; http://www.equanimity.blog

ATA Brisbane Branch Field Trip, Saturday 26 November, 10am
Sustainable Living – More than just Clean Energy and Rain Water

This field trip will challenge your thinking about what it means to live sustainably.
Simon Cole has a background in behavioural science and language education. Over the last 10 years he has been involved as a community activist in sustainability advocacy groups such as the Zeitgeist Movement and Sustainable Australia party. He currently teaches at QUT’s International College and runs Equanimity Foundation, his household; a pilot version of a co-housing project.
Simon has built a sustainable home from scratch on his 800m 2 property as the base for this co-housing project. It includes all the usual sustainable features such as solar energy, efficient building design, rain water collection and has a fantastic garden for food production. But more than this, he has thought about and researched thoroughly the problems we face (Peak Oil, Climate Change, Inequality, Global Systemic Debt), driven by unsustainable economic and population growth. His home is a shared space, which aims to maximise sustainable, efficient resource use. He promotes and helps others to practice voluntary simplicity which can be liberating, especially where functional ways of co-existing are found. A key aim is to provide a model of living sustainably with no debt and food security, as an example of a way to survive the coming bottleneck of crises that may evolve. As part of this, he has set up TemptyTrust; a system for cultivating cooperation in residential or cohabitation contexts in order to live more sustainably. Participants’ labour is credited at an agreed rate and is used to consume the produce they create, measured in LETS Units. The idea is to contribute as much as one consumes.



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