Holistic local sustainability; food, water, energy, money, people

Artabana Brisbane Borderland

Friday, June 30 at 7 PM – 9 PM

In this second meeting of Artabana in SE Qld, we have a chance to further strengthen our bond to each other and commitment to our health. We’re using a working title of Brisbane Borderland (NSW, to include folk in and around Bindarrabi community) until we have enough numbers to splinter into smaller, more local groups that can meet in person more easily. These groups will be associated with the Brisbane and Borderland region. If you can’t attend in person, please join us on Zoom. (Pm me for details.) 7pm for 7:30 pm start. For location details enquire via the Contact Page.

The aim of this month’s meeting is to begin the process of self-financing, depending on what you’re doing at the moment:

1/ Leave the Health Insurer you are currently with.

2/ Open a separate account with your bank and set up an automatic transfer to it of an amount that you think will cover your medical needs (e.g.$80-200).

As Ulla Musik (Founder of Artaban Hobart and our German supporter/assistant) says, “You can start already with two or three people on a private basis by paying your contribution to a private account, but as soon as you have a 4 or 5 people who trust each other, you are ready to form an official Artabana group, and you can apply for registration as a non profit organisation and open an official Artabana bank account.”

We can share what we’re doing and how we’re going with that private arrangement while we move towards forming an official Artabana group.

Artabana’s priority is to support the well-being of others and society. Learn how you can manage your healthcare in a new way. Artabana is an innovative and proven healthcare initiative. Originally established in Switzerland in 1987, it’s now incorporated in Australia. Determine your own annual contribution, save for your own projected healthcare exenses, enjoy personal choice of healthcare practitioners and modalities of care, Artabana Australia is supported by Artabana International.

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