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The World Calendar

WordCalendarGC WatermarkThe World Calendar is another fixed calendar that can be used every year, because the dates, days and months do not change. There are two alternatives to the existing Gregorian Calendar that in my opinion (after some study of calendar reform) are most likely to be accepted because they simplify calendar use and entail minimal changes. The other one is the International Fixed Calendar.  Both require the use of intercalary days (days set outside the days of the week; i.e. a Year Day every year and a Leap Day every 4 years). The above is an image of the World Calendar I created with the Gregorian Calendar watermarked over it for conversion purposes. It may help in the uptake of its use.

As you can see, the World Calendar is neatly divisible into quarters – every 3 months is identical, and it has 12 months. The International Fixed Calendar is more neatly divisible by fortnights and months and it has 13 months.

The World Calendar may at first appeal for its familiarity and similarity to the Gregorian Calendar, and because its quarters equal 3 months. However, in our daily lives, most of us need to refer to weeks, fortnights and months. Quarterly periods are normally the concern of accountants and financial officers. The Fixed Calendar’s quarters are exactly 13 weeks each and therefore suit the accuracy and comparison requirements of accounting. It seems to me therefore, that the Fixed Calendar has a compelling advantage over the World Calendar because every month is exactly the same.

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