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The folly of mass immigration

“Pro-immigrationists tell everyone else they should “celebrate diversity” within our nations, while they work to destroy the diversity between nations.”
From https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/folly-of-mass-immigration/

Comment: This article by Anthony Browne brings issues to the fore that are currently so deeply muted.

“But at what point are people of the west allowed to say that enough is enough, it is time for us to be allowed to preserve our culture? This is an issue of almost total, mind-numbing hypocrisy among western governments and political elites.”

Comment: Not just governments and political elites; they are beholden to business interests – the main beneficiaries (apart from the immigrants themselves) of mass immigration (more consumers, etc.).

“It is vital to emphasize that mass immigration and the remarkably intolerant ideology of multiculturalism are exclusively western phenomena. Indeed, the striking thing about the global immigration debate in the west is its determined parochialism. If people in India, China, or Africa were asked whether they have a right to oppose mass immigration on such a scale that it would transform their culture, the answer would be clear.”

Comment: Sadly, in the west, there is a large minority of self-flagellating members of the public whose angry thinking sees them as saviours of the victims of the global south and their own governments as obstacles. They unwittingly team up with wealthy industrialists to enthusiastically seek a transformation of western culture and degradation of the environment.

“What makes the Caribbean and South Atlantic islanders noble in defending their culture, and the British racist in defending theirs? It is largely about being a minority, and being outnumbered. But western people are a global minority.”

Comment: The history of Western imperialism makes them noble. But it is remarkable that anyone in the West promotes racial or demographic redistribution as a substitute for wealth redistribution. Meanwhile CCP imperialism in Oceania is marching forward. It is time for Western cultural self-hatred to stop.

One comment on “The folly of mass immigration

  1. tDC
    July 1, 2020

    Those countries from where the migrants are escaping have weak, dictatorial goverments with poor or no education(one reason they have a large youthful population). Diversity within nations lessens the divide across nations, hopefully, one day, there will be no need for borders and the world will be one big multicultural family(tempted to say “shmozzle” there haha!).


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