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Nathan, Salisbury & Moorooka Neighborhood Plan

Local government plans guide the development and alterations to our city.

Residents are invited to contribute to Plans in the form of submissions, surveys and focus groups.

2021: Summary of my submission to the draft strategy:

The Plan has some laudable goals, but the scale, underlying assumptions and derivative ideas are problematic. I propose adding a theme to the Plan to define players, their motives and their roles. Better consultation and community driven planning can be achieved if ward representatives initiate, facilitate and coordinate residential and industrial planning. Also, if the community genuinely supports increased population and density, I propose building tower complexes over Moorooka and Salisbury railway stations along the lines of Toowong and Central stations, only bigger, rather than a spread of medium to high density apartment blocks.

Additional Theme: Definitions, Drivers & Stakeholders

Definitions of

  • Growth & Development (quantitative or qualitative)
  • Drivers
  • Stakeholders

Drivers: Actors & Motives


  • Residents & businesses
  • Commuters and freight
  • Investors
  • Governments
  • Developers

Theme 1: Places for everyone

The quantity and variety of places is sufficient as is. People are calling for character retention, not greater density. Tower blocks over Moorooka and Salisbury stations would avoid a nightmare of transport and zoning issues.

Theme 2: Local Industries and employment

Industrial zones become co-reliant precincts. Heavy Industry relocated south. Better coordination of Neighborhood & Industrial plans by ward representative. ‘Clean’ industry not defined. Reboot manufacturing with light industry/commercial/retail/residential zoning.

Theme 3: A Grid of Green & Blue

New parks; existing nature reserves being encroached on; implement existing green corridor plans.

Theme 4: Connecting Places and Spaces

Transport infrastructure inadequate for projected increase in population and possible Inland Rail impact.

Please Contact me to request a copy of my submission.

For other Neighborhood Plans I’ve contributed to, see here.

One comment on “Nathan, Salisbury & Moorooka Neighborhood Plan

  1. tDC
    July 13, 2021

    The ABC tv news reported yesterday that the government is considering spending about $7b on new social housing “to protect people in danger of domestic violence” siting a women’s group in support of it. It reported the ecomonic benefit of the investment saying it would boost the economy by up to $15b with new jobs for workers and demand for services.
    This nanny state approach to solving social problems by creating “safe spaces” wrecks havoc on the environment.
    Your submission is considerate of the impact the Neighbourhood Plan has on the city, but it may not go far enough.


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