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How to avoid war with China

Under Investigation’s reporter Liz Hayes has put together a war table of experts to forecast how we participate and ultimately survive if a war comes to fruition between China and the United States.

It seems we’re heading for a repeat of the last two world wars, which will inevitably be followed by an attempt at unity (the League of and United Nations). The parallels are uncanny.

Three crucial elements are missing from the discussion in this video.

  1. We’re not living up to the ideals of the United Nations. Competitive dominance prevails. The United States continues the hegemonic pattern of empires gone by and surkums [sic] to the temptations of glorification. The Australians who don’t mention this are complicit.
  2. It’s not China, it’s the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) that is the issue. How much support does the CCP and it’s ambitions have among the Chinese populace? We don’t really know.
  3. If a war over Taiwan ensues, no one in this discussion is talking about victory and what that looks like; a Republic of Taiwan.

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