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Deported backpackers say there is not enough farm work

The Guardian, 18 December 2021 [visas; labour shortages]

Backpackers who are being deported from Australia for submitting fake work details in visa applications arranged by a third party over email say they resorted to the scheme because there was not enough farm work for them to comply with their visa conditions.

Treasury reboots ‘Big Australia’

MacroBusiness, 22 December 2021 [Treasury; migration]

The Centre for Population, which is run out of the Australian Treasury, has released its 2021 Population Statement, which projects a quick return to ‘Big Australia’ immigration levels.

Economic planners do not reckon with climate crisis bearing down on us

David Shearman, Pearls and Irritations, 18 December 2021 [sustainability; climate; population; Intergenerational Report]

The current population of 25 million may be Australia’s limit, unless we are prepared to reduce our lifestyle footprint.

AFR scaremongers over ‘smaller Australia’

Leith van Onselen, MacroBusiness, 22 December 2021 [mythbusting]

The big business shills at The AFR View have penned a spurious article proclaiming that “Australia’s stalled population growth must be resumed” because “a smaller Australia would come at a high cost in jobs, houses, prosperity and security”. Let’s debunk The AFR’s key arguments.

Latest release: up to June 2021

ABS, released 16 December 2021 [ABS demographic statistics]

  • Australia’s population was 25,739,256 people at 30 June 2021.
  • The quarterly growth was 34,300 people (0.1%).
  • The annual growth was 46,000 people (0.2%).
  • Annual natural increase was 134,800 and net overseas migration was -88,800.

Albanese won’t back government’s plan to take on 160,000 new migrants each year

Sky News, 12 December 2021 [migration]

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has indicated Labor won’t back the government’s plans to take on 160,000 new migrants each year. The Labor leader has argued that while migration is important, the government should instead focus on training Australians who are unemployed or underemployed.

ScoMo ignores Omicron to reboot mass immigration

Leith van Onselen, MacroBusiness, 14 December 2021 [migration]

The emergence of the new “Omicron” COVID strain threatened the immigration reboot, with the federal government forced to delay Australia’s international border reopening by two weeks (from 1 December to 15 December) while it awaited more data. To nobody’s surprise, Prime Minister Scott Morrison yesterday announced that Australia would fully reopen to international travel on Wednesday.

Why Europeans are worried about African babies

Gaia Baracetti, The Overpopulation Project, 14 December 2021 [ethics; fertility; migration]

Any time a Westerner expresses preoccupation about very high birth rates in a poor country, the conversation immediately turns to racism. Let’s dig deeper.

Perrottet’s shock population plan to stuff the nation

Sue Arnold, Independent Australia, 7 December 2021 [NSW; Big Australia]

The reckless determination of the NSW Premier to increase the state’s population without solid planning will ultimately add to many interlocked crises.

Is there a shortage of skilled workers?

Leith van Onselen, SPA, December 2021 [skilled migration; visas]

Recently there have been calls for a large increase in the skilled migrant intake as borders reopen. This Briefing Note examines the evidence for claimed skill shortages and looks at the effects of pre-pandemic immigration policies which were intended to address these shortages.

Contraceptive choices

ABC, 30 November 2021 [contraception]

Family Planning NSW made a submission to a federal inquiry into what new medicines the government should be investing or funding research in, and basically called for it to step up when it comes to contraception

Australia’s new agricultural work visa could supercharge the forces of exploitation

Sherrell & Coates, The Conversation, 29 November 2021 [migrant farm visas]

Australia’s experience with temporary migration shows that once a new visa is established the number of migrant workers can grow quickly. A new agricultural visa could see history repeat. Instead of rushing ahead, the Morrison government should hit pause and rethink its approach to helping farmers find workers. As it stands this dedicated visa for agricultural workers risks opening a Pandora’s box that will prove impossible to close.

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