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Dutch House Community Gardens

Unbeknownst to the neighbourhood, the Cornerstone Living community garden was an ‘interim’ arrangement with the Department of Housing… and that’s not all they’re in the dark about.

My advocacy and investigative work at Cornerstone Living’s community garden, The Corner and historic Dutch Houses redevelopment in Coopers Plains and Sunnybank has uncovered a pattern of greenwashing and the sad watering-down of promises that prioritizes speculation and profits over preparedness for climate change. Imagining a development that genuinely values history, environment and the well-being of local residents and businesses, might produce a vision like the Dutch House Community Gardens.

2 comments on “Dutch House Community Gardens

  1. Judith Helen Shaw
    March 6, 2022

    Oh, that is very sad, terrible.
    I would have liked to help but felt too far away to be there regularly.

    What exactly is planned, and what can be done now?

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