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The Reproduction Crisis and Humanity’s Future

Jordan Harbinger’s latest podcast poses a paradox for population concerns

Jordan Harbinger’s latest podcast 658: Shanna Swan | The Reproduction Crisis and Humanity’s Future (the first 15 mins) clearly demonstrates that overpopulation is not on his radar (incredibly), but it’s a fascinating episode nonetheless. In an overpopulated world, is the chemical pollution induced fertility decline a ‘crisis’? The frightening fall in sperm count across multiple species – not just our own – is bad news, so how do we include it in our conversation about overpopulation? The multiple, converging crises we are facing demand ever greater nuance and ever longer sentences (and attention spans) to convey a complex picture adequately.

Shanna Shaw says that only when sperm count drops to about 40% of what is normal and healthy does getting pregnant get harder. That rate is an average and individual sperm count is individual and it is probably completely erroneous to assume that low sperm count can be relied on as a sort of natural contraceptive. Therefore, the so-called fertility crisis does nothing to counter the need for giving people control over their reproduction. It’s very unfortunate that environmental pollutants are damaging not just our specie’s sperm count, but others’ as well. Reproductive technology – both contraception and fertility aids – give people what they want – the ability to choose when to have children and how many and just as importantly in my opinion is it potentially gives them sexual freedom.

One comment on “The Reproduction Crisis and Humanity’s Future

  1. dono
    August 6, 2022

    Perhaps Jordan has been in contact with the Vatican?

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