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Dangerous Lewis Hill Give Way Intersections

The case for improved traffic controls.

Lewis Hill, Coopers Plains

Annecdotal [sic] evidence from residents in the Lewis Hill grid area (above) and observations of incidents at certain intersections suggest that there is a need to slow motorists down. Further research on accident statistics from the Qld Govt’s Open Data Portal on Road Crash Locations suggest;

  • there is a higher incidence of accidents on Cricket and Mandarins Streets at their intersections with Nyleta, Hammersmith and Highgate Streets (see spreadsheet below).
  • These are all cross intersections, daylight, dry conditions with Give Way signs to east/west traffic. Direction of travel is (probably) in downhill directions (see columns AJ to AM in attached spreadsheet which I am unable to decypher).
  • It seems that because Cricket and Nyleta Streets are on the east and west side of Lewis Hill vehicles may be traveling downhill (in an east or west direction) and sailing through the Give Way signs. I and my neighbours have had near misses and even had our vehicles written off due to drivers doing this.
  • The number of incidents at these intersections are out of proportion to the volume of traffic, compared to busier Musgrave Road and Orange Grove Road (see attached spreadsheet).
  • Residents have suggested better Give Way triangle road marking and/or roundabout mounds with or without a central obstacle such as a plantation at the most troublesome intersections.

I have met with Cr Steve Griffiths and present the above information. He will request that this information be considered by BCC Traffic and Transport Planning & Strategy for review. In due time, they should report back and meet with me and Steve to discuss what can be done.

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