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Gardens in a time of pandemic

Gardens always change…

The story of my time throughout the COVID pandemic as an urban backyard gardener and how it was such a valuable resource in so many ways; food, solace and beauty.

Thanks to Mimi Tsai for helping to produce this video.

The 2022 John Oxley Library Fellowship was awarded to Dr Mimi Tsai for her project, Vernacular Landscapes and Queensland Memories: Exploring Queensland’s resilience through narratives of therapeutic environments.

Mimi’s project explores the role of people-place relationships in Queensland history by examining three diverse cases that share healing stories – prison farming in H.M. Penal Establishment of St. Helena Island, Queensland war gardens and Chinese market gardening. Learning new perspectives from these histories, this fellowship will then investigate Queenslanders’ COVID-19 pandemic gardens and gardening experiences over the past two years.


3 comments on “Gardens in a time of pandemic

  1. Judith Helen Shaw
    April 3, 2023

    Excellent level of sustainability and a good example for others


  2. Judith Helen Shaw
    April 6, 2023

    That’s really excellent Simon. You would have bought protein though presumably?


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