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Community Dutch House

Troughton Road

This home was built by the Queensland Housing Commission in the 1950s as part of a larger project. It has iconic Australian features; in the backyard is a Hills Hoist clothesline and an outhouse ‘dunny’ nestled under a poinciana tree. The building’s roof and windows were replaced and therefore failed a heritage listing application. However, the block sits in a prominent position between a community garden and a corner block, making it ideal as a community history cafe.
The three blocks were leased to a developer, Cornerstone Living (Consolidated Property Group) in about 2013, on condition it provide an ‘interum [sic] community centre’. The corner block receved [sic] a carpark and two demountables for a property promotion/sales office and cafe.
Apparently, the developer and its body corporate property manager didn’t inform residents of the house’s purpose or in any way facilitate community utilization of the building. Subsequently, it has sat unoccupied and idle for 8 years. It has not deteriorated much; a testament to its durable build.
In December 2021, the Housing Department sold the three blocks to the developer without public notice. The developer’s Development Application to clear all three blocks was approved by Council in 2019, but was delayed by COVID.

December, 2021
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