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The Fixed Calendar – improved

My Fixed Calendar conversion table shows the corresponding end dates of Gregorian months. This is another improvement to my earlier versions.

The Fixed Calendar update June 2021 showing when months end in the Gregorian calendar

In the Fixed Calendar, all months end on Saturday the 28th. What dates do they correspond to in the Gregorian calendar? The last column shows that, for example April ends on April 22nd every year. The week days will be different every year in the Gregorian calendar, which is why it’s inconvenient. And that’s not the only problem with it.

The length of months and quarters are irregular. The year can’t even be divided evenly in two. There are 181 days in the first half and 184 in the second. Even if a day were removed from the week day system (and regarded as an intercalary day) so the number of days in a year were an even number (e.g. 364), the Gregorian calendar still couldn’t be divided in half.

For more information about my Fixed Calendar conversion table, click here.

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