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The Fixed Calendar – an update

My continuing interest in the International Fixed Calendar has led me to update and improve my earlier version.


IFC Gregorian_v3

As you can see, I call it The Fixed Calendar. The word ‘International’ is a relic of the times it was originally conceived in and no longer relevant. I watermarked the Gregorian Calendar over the FC so that a conversion sheet can be printed out. In this improved version, I’ve added the quarterly periods, which are all 14 weeks each. I’ve removed the irrelevant bordering around 3 months and bordered the extra month, Sol. Note that March 4th is asterisked because in a Leap Year, it is February 29th in the Gregorian Calendar. In the IFC, the extra day is added to June; the 29th, which, like December 29th, is not a weekday. These two intercalary days are what makes it possible to use the same calendar every year. Wouldn’t it be great if these non-week days were set aside for practicing life without accounting and transactionlism? Bank holidays, the gift economy and gratitude.

I hope you enjoy using this calendar, for your own accounting purposes, or to promote the adoption of it.

There are a number of YouTube videos that show I’m not the only one interested in the FC. Look them up!

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