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Lazy policy that puts Albo’s popularity at risk

The issue of migration is too often hijacked by racist trolls. But an Albanese government policy to boost our population by more than one million people over five years has sparked enormous community angst, writes Paul Williams in The Courier Mail.

Image: Courier Mail.

Paul mentions environmental degradation due to high immigration in this Courier Mail piece. Albo has no answer for where the 1.5 million going to live. Paul wants the modelling for positive and negative effects.

To paraphrase the article: “The Albanese government recently released its plan to boost Australia’s population by more than a million people over the next five years. The biggest increase, of 400,000, will be this financial year, with another 315,000 entering Australia next year.”

“That’s a 2.7 per cent increase over the next two years, and one of the highest (if not the highest) growth rates in the world that dwarfs Australia’s 30-year average of 1.3 per cent.”

“The government’s reasoning is that, because Australia’s population growth slowed during the pandemic, increasing by just 0.1 per cent in 2021, we need to play “catch up” with the world.” That’s like saying we can break the speed limit because we got held up in traffic.

CEO Slams immigration ponzi scheme

Freelancer chief executive Matt Barrie

2 comments on “Lazy policy that puts Albo’s popularity at risk

  1. Judith Helen Shaw
    May 19, 2023

    Whenever I see that you have posted sonething Simon I know it will be something important

    It does seem reckless, to allow so many more people in; but know that the desert can be greened. As at SEKEM in Egypt where the desert was greened inch by inch and there is now a thriving community established from the vision of Abraham X now deceased.

    CONGRATULATIONS on your perseverance re The Dutch House…are you happy with the outcome?

    Best wishes Helen


    • Equanimity Foundation
      May 19, 2023

      Thanks for the compliment, Helen.

      It’s a good point to address – the ability to green deserts – as I’ve seen not just in Egypt, but other countries, too. While populations continue to climb to an estimated 10B+ by 2100, there may be a need to consider colonizing more land from nature, especially that which is quite inhospitable to other species. Of course people need more than just land, so that’d increase pressure on resources to support people living in deserts, even if they’re in an EarthShip, thus probably wiping out species in other areas. A higher priority is getting free access to family planning to the many people who want it to reduce the staggering 40% of unintended births. There’s a lot of freedom, joy and improved living standards to be had in that alone. As for migration, as Paul and Matt point out, Australia is just feeding a ponzi economy. I don’t see any evidence that even the new arrivals are better off (apart from the refugees) because most are from middleclass backgrounds who can afford to get here. But the wealthy are definitely growing their pie.

      The Dutch House project is looking sunnier and sunnier. There seems to be a lot of interest, but it all depends on whether enough local folk are keen enough to personally contribute.


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