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Parliamentary submission – Migration, Pathway to Nation Building

The Joint Standing Committee on Migration held an inquiry into Australia’s migration system, with reference to:

1. The role of permanent migration in nation building, cultural diversity, and social cohesion;

2. Immigration as a strategic enabler of vibrant economies and socially sustainable communities in our cities and regional hubs;

There were other terms of reference, but my submission was limited to the above.


This submission collates definitions of both social cohesion and diversity and considers their implications. It then reviews how these concepts are measured in the real world and outlines some findings. These findings are applied to national interest considerations and the refinement of the migration system.

The key findings are

  • The current pace of immigration is socially unsustainable.
  • The challenge of social cohesion and diversity has been underestimated.
  • There is a disconnect between public opinion and government policy on immigration that undermines social cohesion around diversity, immigration and multiculturalism.

Drawing upon these insights, the key recommendations are

  • Immigration should be tailored to minimize social stressors, taking local conditions into consideration until social cohesion targets are met.
  • Observe a broader range of social well-being indicators and rely on the findings of several research institutes.
  • Annual immigration intake should be calibrated to be consistent with a social policy objective that prioritizes individual mental well-being and a socially healthy population.
  • As such, immigration should return to pre-2006 levels – a flexible annual intake target of around 70,000 NOM (aligned with public sentiment). To maintain as stable a population as possible, immigration should complement Australian fertility levels.

To download the full submission, click on the image below.

2 comments on “Parliamentary submission – Migration, Pathway to Nation Building

  1. David Carey
    April 5, 2023

    Sensible, but sensible isn’t where the big donations are.


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